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Selecting a Doctor and OBGYN

Selecting the right obstetrician can help ensure that you have a healthy, successful pregnancy. Each doctor brings their own unique approach and set of skills, so make sure that you are a good fit with your doctor. There are a variety of ways to find a doctor, such as asking friends for recommendations, especially those […]

Insurance Coverage During Pregnancy

Today, there are over 40 million Americans who have no health insurance, and many expectant mothers go into labor without adequate health coverage for themselves or their baby. It’s estimated that more than one in ten expectant mothers lacks the necessary insurance coverage for their pregnancy, creating a potential conflict between hospitals and expectant mothers […]

Top Baby Hospitals

Selecting a world-class hospital for your OBGYN medical professional, as well as your overall health care needs during pregnancy, can help to ensure your physical and emotional comfort throughout the pregnancy process. Our editors reviewed some of the top pregnancy hospitals in the country, with stellar reputations for delivering top maternal care from the very […]

Popular Baby Names

During pregnancy, you may want to think about potential names for your new baby. Each year a number of popular names emerge as trends, providing interesting ideal on what to name your new child. The editors of Birthing Centers reviewed some of the hot baby names, along with providing some background into their meanings: Aiden […]

The Stages of Pregnancy

The progression of pregnancy from conception to birth is a complex, fascinating process that involves a variety of physical and hormonal changes. By better understanding fetal development and working closely with your medical care professional on the variety of options to best manage your health at each stage, you’ll be able to ensure that you […]