Top Baby Hospitals

Selecting a world-class hospital for your OBGYN medical professional, as well as your overall health care needs during pregnancy, can help to ensure your physical and emotional comfort throughout the pregnancy process. Our editors reviewed some of the top pregnancy hospitals in the country, with stellar reputations for delivering top maternal care from the very beginning of the process, all the way to labor:

Johns Hopkins Hospital
A world-class institution, located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins has a dedicated Women’s Health Center, where some of the top women’s doctors in the country practice and research. State of the art laboratories combine with top medical resources to provide an ideal location for maternal health. The hospital’s dedicated Birth Center provides individual prenatal, birthing and postpartum treatment for mothers and children.

Magee Women’s Hospital
This top medical facility located in Pittsburgh, Magee offers a complete set of treatments, including birthing, genetic analysis, fertility treatment as well as broader treatment for women’s health conditions. Delivering over 10,000 births each year, the Hospital is one of the top rated birthing centers in the world.

Duke University Medical Center
Linked to the top Duke University medical school, the Duke Medical Center in North Carolina has one of the top maternity practices in the country. The Center offers comprehensive pre-natal care, as well as broader treatment for women’s issues, including counseling.

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